About Us

My name is Guillermo, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Let me introduce myself to you briefly  before telling you about Argenthings.

When I was studying the International Trade career I used to work in another area that was not related with it. Once a year my University organizes an important trip to different countries in order to help students to get involved in the career, and also in international businesses, at that time I was coursing my first year so was not interested at all.

In June 2013 I quit my job because I wanted to work in a company where I could apply my knowledge, unfortunately that was a hard time in Argentina, the economic crisis was in all its splendor. When I started the second semester at my university, I found the annual's trip very interesting, the destinations were: Hong Kong, China Mainland and South Korea. I was able to pay the travel expenses, had the time, and was ready to go. I decided to take it.

Two months later I was in a plane heading to Asia with two teachers and some other students. This trip was the beginning of Argenthings...


Whether China was beautiful or a messy was a matter of getting used to it. I found the ancient and modern living at the same period of time. Rich history, lovely and helpful people, delicious food, and also too much stress, I did really like China, though! I visited two large factories, they showed us how mass production is like, their large catalog of products, and the constant innovation to continue being leaders at their respective business, year by year. I was astonished.

Days after, I visited the most important event in Guangzhou: the Canton Fair. I could not imagine all the industries that China had! To be able to did so, this country had to sacrifice a precious condition, the environment. Air was polluted, rivers were contaminated, soil had chemicals, some vegetables were not safe for consumption, plus more problems that made me think twice about the hidden cost of a successful purpose.

Polluted Air in Guangzhou

Back in Argentina, I was looking for a job, it took me several weeks. In spite of found a job, I was not completely sure to work for a large Freight Forwarder company, in reality, I always dreamt about starting my own business. I rejected the offer and started working on my original idea: introducing a 100% Made In Argentina product to the world, support local people and work with them, an utopian idea that came to my mind while I was drinking mate...Mate? Yes! For sure, I could share and spread our culture worldwide! -Challenge accepted-

In January 2014 I decided to work with an artisan expert in alpaca (German Silver) from Buenos Aires. It was a brain explosion! I was able to design new models, gave my opinion about what to modify or take into account, to know how every single gourd was made; I was totally involved in all the process, because if I have to sell a gourd, I should be as experienced as the artisan itself.

February 2014, my first sale came from the USA! I listed one of those gourds on eBay, with no experience as seller, with no knowledge about customs/shipping/delivery time/tracking/customer service/photography. After 11 days, parcel arrived safe and sound! My first customer was very satisfied!

May 2014, the beginning of Argenthings.


Nowadays I can say that I am proudly working with 10 artisans from different provinces of Argentina, with the same method: get involved in every step of craftsmanship. Little by little I am becoming a kind of mate expertise person :)

Yerba mate is a legendary plant with lot of benefits, nowadays you can try so many varieties: organic, regular, smoked, flavored, without dust, with herbs, and so on. In some way, the gourd is also as important as yerba is, it is the cup that is going to pair with yerba mate to enhance its flavor, and will be the new silent companion along the years.

Yerba Mate

In this short period of Argenthings, I never imagined to send my products to several countries like USA, UK, Australia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Greece, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, and many more! I believe that year by year there are new materos around the world, they are always looking for something unique, or are open to try the new yerba mate experience.

From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate your support since the first day. As I said before, every day is a new challenge that I am ready to deal with in order to improve my service. Thank you so much for your interest in the mate culture, hope here you can find your next gourd, some of them are pieces of art, made with love in some point of my beautiful country, Argentina.