Share a Mate

Share a Mate

Posted by Guillermo on Jan 27th 2017

Hey, let's drink some mates!

Hello materos!

In Argentina we have several ways to get together with friends, relatives, and also strangers. Some people need to talk about something important, some couples love going out in a sunny day and find a place to relax, perhaps in a park, some friends need to study hard and get some healthy energy for the rest of the day, or a simple pause to charge the "batteries". In all these cases, the pleasure of sharing a mate is the perfect excuse to have a brake in our everyday life.

I heard that in some countries, the fact of sharing the same bombilla, is not hygienic at all, and there is a rumor that high temperature of water could kill all the bacteria so people can prevent to get a sick. Here, in Argentina, we avoid sharing a mate with someone that has a flu, nonetheless it is usually this last person who has to refuse the invitation, because we are used to share mate without taking into account if the other one is sick.

If you usually drink mate alone, I recommend you to invite someone to join the round, there is a magic of sharing in the air that cannot be seen or described, it is an ancient ritual that I am sure you are going to enjoy it. Time is going on as always, probably faster than usual. Disconnect your mind, leave Internet for an hour, let us invest the precious time with the people we love the most, and...why do not we share a mate?